About Us

Eagle Urns. Since 1988

Commitment to Quality

Eagle Urns is located in the small town of Quinton, Oklahoma. 2nd generation family owned and operated since 1988, our goal is to provide a high-quality product at an affordable price. Our urns are made of a strong, resilient cultured granite that are polished to a beautiful finish. They will not corrode like metal or shatter like ceramic. We offer urns from 20 cubic inches up to 600 cubic inches to fit every need. All available in 15 different colors and engravable.

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”
Luke 1:37

Our History

Family owned and operated since 1988, Eagle Urns broke into the cremation urn business by manufacturing cultured, granite urns for family pets and selling directly to veterinarians across the country. We soon established national recognition with our high quality, and low factory-direct prices. By 1992, funeral directors became aware of our products and requested that Eagle Urns try to fill a void in the death care industry, by providing a well made, attractive, yet inexpensive urn for human cremains. After a period of marketing research, the crew at Eagle Urns designed new molds based upon the specifications asked for most by the industry. Samples were made and sent to a cross section of funeral directors. The response was overwhelming and orders started pouring in. Funeral directors recognized the inherent qualities of the special crushed granite/epoxy formula in the materials. It would not corrode like metals, would not delay like wood, would not shatter like ceramics, and could be polished to a beautiful finish.

The designers then turned their attention to the needs of the families, who were requesting partial remains. Eagle Urns answered the demand by designing an additional new line of compact urns. Through Eagle Urns, a funeral director could now offer family urns of 20, 45 70, or 125 cubic inches to hold partial cremains. Since the pricing on the compact urn line is so inexpensive, a family could afford to buy multiple urns for multiple descendants for burial at sea, direct ground burial, companion niches, or home display.

Our goal of bringing fair prices and high quality to the cremation industry has become a reality, now offering a total of 10 full-sized styles, and 13 compact-size styles, all of which are available in 15 different colors.